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The acoustic ISABELLA (Sixth single off Sauti Sol’s upcoming album “Live and Die in Afrika”) – is a bonafide ballad, and truly represents Sauti Sol’s soulful side and prowess in songwriting and execution.

The story line of the song flaunts a youthful love, which knows no age, race or religion. The lyrics are bound to resonate with young people: “Yolo! Yolo! You only live once so, and me I want to have some fun, vunja mifupa kama meno iko, up and away we go…Tonight we are young and high and in love.

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Every man has met that one woman who makes him ‘stupid in love’ or should I say lust? Yes,perhaps both. That one woman a brother spends his days chasing, explores her rich history; wonders how fascinating she is; gets confused by her aura and scent; gets turned down, but is still determined to nail her…

That one woman who is so unique in a brother’s life; she makes a brother go so weak, yet the magic which she oozes, Mr. Man cannot describe. Certain type of women are goddesses; the women we fantasize about at the risk of our own relationships, and list off as our ‘ideal’ any time of day or night whenever we are asked:

The forever young cougar

She has got commendable experience on how to tease and drive men crazy from a distance. She smells fresh. This woman probably drives a German machine, and always has packs of protection with her; she knows she can lure a brother to ‘duty’ at will. To her, wrinkles are an unheard of phenomenon, and she got membership to a gym in the suburbs.  Actually the only men who can resist her charms are those who refuse to look at a woman older than 21 years.

The virgin who dresses like a stripper

You can find this type of women in Kenyan colleges; the second semester ‘freshers’. You know very well she is
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