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President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived back from the 70th UN General Assembly in New York on September 1, 2015 accompanied by the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Uhuru was received at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by top government officials, led by Deputy President William Ruto, shortly before midnight.

PHOTOS: Uhuru Jets Back From UN General Assembly

President Uhuru Kenyatta received by his deputy William Ruto as he arrived from the UN General Assembly. Image: PSCU

At the UN General Assembly, the President chaired several high-level meetings as part of the Post 2015 Development Agenda. (more…)


Deputy President William Ruto reached out to cash-strapped AFC Leopards on Thursday, October 1 to help stabilize the club’s current financial woes.

Ruto donated KSh 2 million and also gave KSh 1 million from President Uhuru Kenyatta to raise KSh 4.5 million in the fund-drive held in Aberdare hall at Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).

It is reported that players who were present at the meeting failed to get even a shilling despite going for months without salaries and allowances.

Zdravko Logarusic, the coach of AFC Leopards demanded that the money be shared equally among players and the technical bench after invited guests had left.

However, Dan Mule led faction declined and said that KSh 4.5 million will be deposited to bank as opposed to Mathews Opwora group.

“If these officials have the club at heart, this money should be shared here and now amongst players and officials. We have suffered a lot trying to get results for this club and they are not concerned,” Logarusic is quoted by

Dan Mule group insisted that the money would be released to players on Monday.The team argued out that since they are in charge of the office.

Former Harambee Stars international Noah Wanyama intervened to order Well Fargo group to be in charge of the monies till the two sides agree.

Mule and Opwora faction have been fighting for leadership of the club since June. The current leadership crisis has led to poor run of  in the Kenya Premier League (KPL) and other competitions.

Leopards are sixth with 38 points in the league that was won by Gor Mahia with four matches to go. The 13-time KPL winners were also bundled out of the Top 8 tournament when they bowed down to Tusker FC after sipping four goals to two.

Ingwe have a chance to battle out for a chance to represent Kenya in the CAF Confederations Cup. They will have to win the GOTV Cup.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has donated KSh 500,000 to help a family from Murang’a county meet costs for their child’s surgery in Canada. 

Uhuru Donates Towards Baby Fidelis' Surgery In Canada

Kenneth Kinuthia, Fidelis Muthoni’s father, feared they could miss the life-saving opportunity after an non-governmental organization (NGO) boss allegedly disappeared with KSh 2.8 million he had raised from well wishers for the treatment.

“I cannot express my gratitude to all those who stood with my family and helped organize for my wife and daughter’s travel to Canada,” Kunithia as quoted by The Star.

President Kenyatta’s donation, and another KSh 300,000 from Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wairia, would only go towards meeting the travelling and accommodation costs.

A team of Canadian doctors agreed to treat Baby Fidelis for free for six months as long as the family could meet upkeep costs estimated to be about KSh 700,000.

Kinuthia’s family had missed two deadlines, second one being on Friday, August 21, 2015, but hoped that they would be given a third chance to get their daughter for treatment.

Baby Fidelis suffers frontal bone defect called Encephalocele.

Hope Foundation CEO Benson Wanjau, whose NGO helps children with disabilities, was arrested on Thursday, August 20, 2015 in Westlands.

Police said the Equity Bank and M-Pesa accounts which Wanjau used to collect the money had only KSh 173,000, down from the KSh 2.8 million.

In his defense, Wanjau said he spent a lot of money in organising the campaign through TV airtime, social media, administration and field events.

It is outrageous that it took Obama, a foreigner, to tell us the obvious: that our ethnic driven politics is tragically ruinous and that it smacks of lack of imagination.

Ironically, the only Kenyan leader who routinely and consistently spoke against ukabila was Daniel arap Moi. Not surprisingly, much as Kenya’s economy and democratic space must have greatly improved after Moi’s departure, Kenyans felt more united as a people under him than during Kibaki or Uhuru.

Our fragmentation along ethnic lines is not just evident in our politics. It is in our schools and universities, in professional associations, in the media and even in church and sports. That it has woven itself into the very fabric of society and become ‘normal’ – like corruption – can be seen in the puerile and offensive exchanges on social media.

But Obama’s visit, and the offensive comments that some Americans made online about him, offer Kenyans a measure of comfort. That some American citizens passionately hate Obama is not news. That this hatred stems solely from the colour of his skin is no secret.

What is horrifying is how a people can be so blinded by hate that they choose not to see one of the most transformative figures in American and world history. The man they scorn literally pulled them from the jaws of economic ruin and stopped their nonsensical penchant for poking their noses into every little war. Instead, they chose not to see a great leader, but to hate a black man.

Kenya is no different. President Kibaki laid the foundation for Kenya’s economic and democratic transition. But he received nothing but bile for his achievements in extremely difficult circumstances. His ‘haters’ were too blinded by ethnicity to see the obvious.

The same hatred, and a shocking amount of ignorance, permeates American society. And if a country peppered with such an appallingly shallow and ignorant human resource can rise to greatness, then there is hope that Kenya, too, will one day be a great nation!
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Businessman and politician Gor Semelang’o has added his voice on the recent Presidential parastatal appointments.


In a sarcastic Facebook post, Gor says that we should give the rulers a break, and that no one asked us to be born in some ‘nondescript family’.

Here’s what he said.

Let our beloved President Uhuru kenyatta look for Votes where it can be found. This bulshit of young people thinking they matter must end. As long as we vote as a tribe, The Old people you are castigating today about being recycled will tell you where to vote. A ministry of youth can still be created and they give it to a 51 year old youth and you will not riot, they did that to your fund anyway and a man is the CEO of women fund anyway.The day you will start voting on issues everything will change but not now! Wacheni pang’anga!. Wait until you are elected to rule Serikali si ya mama yako bwana! ! Did they confuse Isaac odinga’s name with Wenwa Odinga? We did not ask you to be born in some nondescript family or to go to a village school.Give the rulers a break it’s their time, We must support them ama uta do?Kenya isonge mbele, sisi tujenge taifa wengine watapaka rangi baadaye!


Last summer, the United States paved new pathways for Americans relationship with Africa by hosting the historic U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. Fifty-one African leaders joined President Obama in Washington for a discussion on “Investing in the Next Generation”, the theme of the Summit. This gathering resulted in $33 billion dollars in new commitments to support economic growth across Africa, as well as tangible U.S. and African efforts to improve security, promote human rights and good governance, and provide opportunities for Africa’s sizeable youth population.

As the White House announced earlier today, the United States is partnering with the Government of Kenya to host the sixth annualGlobal Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). The President will travel to Kenya this summer – his fourth trip to sub-Saharan Africa and the most of any sitting U.S. president – where he will participate in bilateral meetings and attend this important event.

Launched by President Obama in 2009, GES will bring together more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and investors from across Africa and around the world to showcase innovative projects, exchange new ideas, and help spur economic opportunity. This year’s Summit in Kenya will have an overarching focus on generating new investments in entrepreneurs, particularly women and young entrepreneurs. Choosing Kenya as the destination for GES underscores the fact that Africa, and Kenya in particular, has become a center for innovation and entrepreneurship. Kenya is a world leader in mobile money systems like m-pesa and a driver of innovation, through creative spaces like “iHub.” These are just a few tangible demonstrations of the entrepreneurial spirit that is deeply rooted on the African continent.

 Just as President Kennedy’s historic visit to Ireland in 1963 celebrated the connections between Irish-Americans and their forefathers, President Obama’s trip will honor the strong historical ties between the United States and Kenya – and all of Africa – from the millions of Americans who trace their ancestry to the African continent, to the more than 100,000 Americans that live in or visit Kenya each year. The President’s trip will be an opportunity to point to the progress already made in improving health, education, human rights and good governance, security, and economic growth across the continent, while helping to spark new opportunities for future generations.

When 25-year old university student Allan Wadi was yesterday sentenced to two years in prison for spreading hate messages against President Uhuru on social media, the reaction from #KOT was swift.

The hashtag #AlanWadiJAILED started making rounds on social media with reactions from users largely varied. While some were livid about the manner with which the court proceedings were carried out, others lauded the verdict while some remained impassive.

Here are some of the reactions from social media users

@RobertAlai: We are creating two justice systems in Kenya. One if for supporters of the regime and one for OTHERS. #AllanWadiJAILED

@Maxonairo: A mere college kid jailed while people like Moses Kuria are roaming freely on the streets? Mnyonge kweli hana haki. #AllanWadiJAILED

@ManuelOdeny: #AllanWadiJAILED…. We need a probono lawyer, Wadi should be in college and not prison

@jbboyjumaboy: Kenyan court should stop applying double standards depending on the status in society. #AllanWadiJAILED

@SirVanGaal: Fair trial does not mean that one is innocent.We only demand for fair trial which is a right under the constitution.. #AllanWadiJailed

@dnkay: the only unfair thing about ruling is that past similar offenders have not faced the same.What is judicial precedence? #AllanWadiJailed

@WinnieTrinn: We need some order online! Jail all of them from Kuria, Alai wadi, Mugo #AllanWadiJAILED @totoeddie: Do you think you can insult your king and just walk away??? that’s so rude #AllanWadiJAILED @KinotiMK: Making threats against the president’s life is a crime, regardless of whether it’s done on paper or on Twitter #AllanWadiJAILED

@Solskjaer_lad: #AllanWadiJAILED this is what you get for posting stupid posts on the Internet… Serves him right.

@RobertAlai: I might not support whatever you supposedly did wrong but I support your right to a FAIR open trial. #AllanWadiJAILED @Ksnaves: If I were the president. Counselling this Truant son was worth as Father instead of jailing him. #AllanWadiJAILED