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The drama continues…after Huddah went off on Vera Sidika, this happened.

See the insults from the hacker on Huddah’s IG page and Vera Sidika’s response below


This is what former BBA housemate Huddah Monroe shared on her instagram page few hourss ago, putting popular Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika on blast.

Looks like Vera was trying to pimp her.. lol. It gets more interesting.

VERA SIDIKA before the money and fame;


How She looks like currently,


Huddah Munroe in her Dung and Beetle days;


How she looks like now;


Huddah Monroe ended the past year on a high after acquiring herself the expensive and an executive Range Rover to rove the streets of Nairobi with. However, rumors surfaced claiming that the car did not belong to her but a Ugandan tycoon named King Lawrence.


Proving the rumors untrue, Huddah tabled evidence to prove that car is legally and solely owned by her. Through her instagram, here is the log-book documentation Thee Boss Lady posted to prove bloggers wrong.

..with the caption

I don’t like to prove anything to bastards but , I don’t rent or borrow cars! I hustle too hard to be living on a budget! Somebody tell these bloggers to go and get the final search at KRA , Bitches! #CozYouAreBrokeDontMeanEveryoneIs #PutSomeKYjellyOnYourLives

Huddah's log book

Former BBA contestant Annabel Mbaru in Pan-African blockbuster. Well, the pretty face, who has been silent, broke the news to KTN’s Heads Up.

“I have been featured in a movie with various African actors from Nigeria, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Ghana. I am just about to fly down to SA for the premier,” she said

Annabel was also appointed the Orion and Mama Watari Trust Fund goodwill ambassador. She mostly operates from Murang’a, which also happens to be her home county.

She shared her plans to open a self-labeled clothing store. “I will also be travelling soon to finalise on those details, but I think I will set it up by April,” said the beauty who was famous for her big bosom. Annabel also revealed that she still keeps in touch with her former housemates including socialite Huddah, whom she claims, to be a “very good friend”

Kenya’s Huddah Monroe shared a photo on her Instagram handle with a caption saying how ‘thick’ she is growing. The boss lady who most people know for her petite knock-out figure three weeks ago posted a photo on her Instagram handle looking a bit slimmer than the recent one she posted on Monday.

This comes a midst speculations that she had also enlarged her boobs earlier this year. Most socialites making headlines in Kenya are curvaceous and ‘thick’. Has the ‘flawless’ Huddah Monroe given in to pressure and joined the bandwagon, or is it just a natural body transformation from good eating?

Fans who visited her handle did not hesitate questioning her visibly quick transformation, with some speculating that she’s gone for hip enhancers.

Here are some of the comments:

@shirleyhontas: Please don’t go overboard with the enhancements. You were ‘thick’ enough.

@00cheche00: Umenenea lini Huddah? Mbona hiyo shepu sio yako, au umeiedit?

@mowanja50: You look amazing, doll

@iamlarenz: You are getting thick. I hope you don’t go on diet.