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The local mobile voice traffic for Airtel Kenya increased by a substantial margin during the quarter under review to post a total of 1.8 billion minutes up from 1.2 billion minutes posted during the last quarter.

This traffic was mainly contributed by growth in on-net traffic that recorded remarkable growth to stand at 1.1 billion minutes up from 821 million minutes.

Similarly, off-net traffic grew to 647 million during the quarter up from 474 million minutes posted during the last quarter.

Consequently, the operator’s market share grew by 4.8 percentage points to stand at 21.0 per cent up from 16.2 percent share reported during the previous quarter.

This traffic was mainly contributed by growth in on-net traffic that recorded remarkable growth to stand at 1.1 billion minutes up from 821 million minutes/FILEAirtel’s SMS traffic volume gained 2.5 percentage points on market share to stand at 6.9 percent share with 452 million SMS during the quarter up from 324 million messages registered during the last quarter.

The report indicates Airtel is the only operator that has shown consistent growth in SMS traffic over the last four quarters under review. In quarter 1 Airtel had 2.7 percent market share and in quarter 2 the company had 4.4 percent market share of SMS traffic.

The data market has continued to expand over the period with increased growth in subscriptions witnessed during the quarter under review. The number of subscriptions increased by 14.3 percent to stand at 18.8 million up from 16.3 million posted during the last quarter. In relation to the same period of the previous year, growth of 1.3 percent was recorded.

Mobile data continued to dominate the data market with the number of subscriptions registered at 18.6 million up from 16.3 million subscriptions during the last quarter. This represented 14.3 percent growth and 1.3 percent increase compared to the same period of the previous year.

Airtel Networks Limited had 18.5 percent share up from 14.6 percent share representing an increase of 3.9 percentage increase during the quarter. The number of subscriptions, too, expanded to reach 3.4 million up from 2.3 million posted during the previous quarter.

Compared to the previous quarter, Airtel grew its data subscription by 11% and has consistently grown since September 2014.

This growth may be attributed to its innovative UnlimiNET product that champions #UnlimitedConnections to Kenyans by ensuring that they are always connected by the ability to call all networks and remain connected with friends and family on social media platforms and profession networks on the internet even after they run out of data bundles.

Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi said: “The growth may also be attributed to our 3G network upgrade exercise in major towns such as Mombasa and Kitale in the month of January in which we deployed the latest wireless technologies that significantly enhanced network signals, data speeds and improved voice quality for our customers.”

This market share growth in data, Voice and SMS traffic is expected to even grow further in the coming quarters as the company reaffirms its commitment in Kenya with the announcement of an ambitious investment program totalling Kshs.19 billion over the next 3 years. The investment will ensure that the Company delivers on its stated commitment to offer the most reliable and best quality network, products and services in the market.

The acquisition of yuMobile subscribers by Airtel Kenya has also contributed to this growth in data, Voice and SMS traffic. For the yuMobile customers, joining the Airtel network has brought a whole new-world of quality experience to them including a much wider and reliable network, better voice call quality, an opportunity to connect faster to the internet including a totally new online experience on Airtel’s 3G network.

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What You Need to Know about Airtel’s #UnlimiNET Bundles

Last week, Airtel Kenya introduce the UnlimiNET bundles to allow users to stay connected even when they run out of bundles. With the UnlimiNET bundle, users can stay connected via SMS and voice calls to any network for as low as Ksh 50 for 24 hours. Below are a few things you need to know about Airtel’s UnlimiNET product.

It’s permanent

Airtel’s UnlimiNET is not a promotional bundle but rather a permanent one. This means that you will be able to enjoy the offer for as long as you want from today onwards. Something else about this bundle is that you are able to subscribe to other Airtel bundles while it’s active.


You have the option of choosing the bundles that fit your lifestyle. You can select the daily, weekly and monthly bundles depending on your usage. On subscription, you can choose a onetime bundle or auto renewal bundle.

You can still browse even when you run out of data

One of its unique selling propositions is the ability to offer internet access to some applications even when you run out of data. These applications include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail and WhatsApp. For the other sites, you will still be able to browse but at reduced speeds of 256kbps. With these speeds, I doubt you will be able to get anything done.

SMS and Voice calls valid to all networks

With the SMSs and voice calls you get, you can text and call anyone in any other networks. This means that you are not limited to those already using Airtel.

How to subscribe

To activate the UnlimiNET bundles, dial *544# from your Airtel line and select UnlimiNET option. Choose your preferred bundle and you are good. Unsubscribing is very easy and all you have to do is dial *544# and select choose the unsubscribe option.

Check out the different bundles available below.

Airtel UnlimiNET