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say no to acne!

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have you had a problem with your skin?Do you get breakouts all the time?

Here is the solution from Oriflame Sweden.

face wash and tonner face wash and toner

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1. Get your greens

Spinach, broccoli and other leafy green vegetables may help beat cellulite.

Studies have found that the nutrients they contain can increase the strength and flexibility of the network of fat cells in the thigh area, improving the looks of dimples and lumps.

2. Get high and waisted

Hipster skirts or trousers actually make legs look shorter. While skirts or shorts that sit high on your waist will make your legs look longer and your bottom trimmer.

Yes, it’s obvious,

3. Be well-heeled

Heels make legs look longer and slimmer – but not just any heel will do. Strappy sandals visually cut the leg at the ankle and make it look shorter.

Go for shoes that you slip your feet into, with no ankle straps, because they can visually elongate the legs.


After Dj Mbweha’s humorous Swahili and Kikuyu parody of Dj Khaled’s hit track hold you down, another Kenyan has yet again, in the same style, come up with a hilarious version of the same song. NTV Offside’s presenter Kinyanjui has released his own rendition of the track, this time making it a digital migration themed parody.

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Musician Jaguar’s long awaited video Huu Mwaka is finally out. The audio has been receiving extensive airtime on local radio stations since its release on the eve of the new year.

The video is produced by Godfather Production was shot in Cape Town, South Africa and is basically a from rags to riches story.

Jaguar plays a hustler who is hungry for success and works towards achieving his goals.

He takes the plot from the countryside to town where he works as a gardener among other menial jobs and finally comes home better than he left.

Going by his, “Lazima huu mwaka niwashangaze”, his fans should look out for his music this year.

Enjoy the video here:

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Down by the river, immediately after baptism. Corinthian Ass Grab!

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proposing to a kisii lady on valentines day

Living and Existing #AnitaNderu

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Meet Anita Nderu the TV presenter, News anchor, Reporter, V.O artiste, Youth mentor, M.C, Model and she also bakes for sale. Most people in Kenya just exist, but for others like Anita they live heir life to the max. This lass flew out to the famous crazy party city of Las Vegas for her 25th birthday. How amaizing is that? I know i’ve always wanted to go to Vegas. She went with her beautiful cousin Sarah Hassan and they’ve been posting selfies and videos that make me want to join on their instagram pages @anitanderu @hassansarah. I bet they are having the time of their lives. Sneak pic of it:)…