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President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived back from the 70th UN General Assembly in New York on September 1, 2015 accompanied by the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Uhuru was received at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by top government officials, led by Deputy President William Ruto, shortly before midnight.

PHOTOS: Uhuru Jets Back From UN General Assembly

President Uhuru Kenyatta received by his deputy William Ruto as he arrived from the UN General Assembly. Image: PSCU

At the UN General Assembly, the President chaired several high-level meetings as part of the Post 2015 Development Agenda. (more…)


Public servants in Kenya take home more than half of what the country collects each year in taxes. This has raised questions on whether the public wage bill will be sustainable should continued clamour for salary increments persist. (more…)


American singer August Alsina’s management has denied the rumor that Kenyan rapper Octopizzo featured him in his recently released track “This Could Be Us”.

The track became popular after the rapper released the video which actually got most of his fans asking questions as to why August Alsina, who was allegedly featured, did not appear in the video.

However, Octopizo has maintained that he never said that he featured the “Matrimony” singer, even the official song credits does not have his name. In fact its now emerging that the lady in the video is called August Lopez.

Good thing about August Alsina’s “curve” is that his over 800k twitter followers will now go Google search Octopizzo and know a thing or two about him. Not bad.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has donated KSh 500,000 to help a family from Murang’a county meet costs for their child’s surgery in Canada. 

Uhuru Donates Towards Baby Fidelis' Surgery In Canada

Kenneth Kinuthia, Fidelis Muthoni’s father, feared they could miss the life-saving opportunity after an non-governmental organization (NGO) boss allegedly disappeared with KSh 2.8 million he had raised from well wishers for the treatment.

“I cannot express my gratitude to all those who stood with my family and helped organize for my wife and daughter’s travel to Canada,” Kunithia as quoted by The Star.

President Kenyatta’s donation, and another KSh 300,000 from Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wairia, would only go towards meeting the travelling and accommodation costs.

A team of Canadian doctors agreed to treat Baby Fidelis for free for six months as long as the family could meet upkeep costs estimated to be about KSh 700,000.

Kinuthia’s family had missed two deadlines, second one being on Friday, August 21, 2015, but hoped that they would be given a third chance to get their daughter for treatment.

Baby Fidelis suffers frontal bone defect called Encephalocele.

Hope Foundation CEO Benson Wanjau, whose NGO helps children with disabilities, was arrested on Thursday, August 20, 2015 in Westlands.

Police said the Equity Bank and M-Pesa accounts which Wanjau used to collect the money had only KSh 173,000, down from the KSh 2.8 million.

In his defense, Wanjau said he spent a lot of money in organising the campaign through TV airtime, social media, administration and field events.

It is outrageous that it took Obama, a foreigner, to tell us the obvious: that our ethnic driven politics is tragically ruinous and that it smacks of lack of imagination.

Ironically, the only Kenyan leader who routinely and consistently spoke against ukabila was Daniel arap Moi. Not surprisingly, much as Kenya’s economy and democratic space must have greatly improved after Moi’s departure, Kenyans felt more united as a people under him than during Kibaki or Uhuru.

Our fragmentation along ethnic lines is not just evident in our politics. It is in our schools and universities, in professional associations, in the media and even in church and sports. That it has woven itself into the very fabric of society and become ‘normal’ – like corruption – can be seen in the puerile and offensive exchanges on social media.

But Obama’s visit, and the offensive comments that some Americans made online about him, offer Kenyans a measure of comfort. That some American citizens passionately hate Obama is not news. That this hatred stems solely from the colour of his skin is no secret.

What is horrifying is how a people can be so blinded by hate that they choose not to see one of the most transformative figures in American and world history. The man they scorn literally pulled them from the jaws of economic ruin and stopped their nonsensical penchant for poking their noses into every little war. Instead, they chose not to see a great leader, but to hate a black man.

Kenya is no different. President Kibaki laid the foundation for Kenya’s economic and democratic transition. But he received nothing but bile for his achievements in extremely difficult circumstances. His ‘haters’ were too blinded by ethnicity to see the obvious.

The same hatred, and a shocking amount of ignorance, permeates American society. And if a country peppered with such an appallingly shallow and ignorant human resource can rise to greatness, then there is hope that Kenya, too, will one day be a great nation!
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After scoring zero in this year’s Groove Awards, controversial gospel singer Willy Paul stormed out of the Saturday night ceremony at the Safaricom Stadium Kasarani gymnasium in a fury.

“Where is my car and my girlfriend?” paparazzi who tried to get a comment from him on his lack poor score could hear him asking a friend on the phone. According to them, he looked perturbed and rather dejected. The many friends who usually hang around him were nowhere to be seen.

In a year when the big story from the gospel front has been the beef between two past Male Artiste of the Year winners – Willy Paul (2013) and Bahati (2014) – it looks like the latter is having the last laugh. He was the king of the night and congratulatory messages have been streaming in thick and fast. He has many new friends. The ‘Barua’ singer upset his arch-rival by scooping all four categories he had been nominated in, including the coveted Song of the Year and Male Artiste of the Year, as Willy Paul went home empty-handed.

It was a humiliating defeat for the ‘Sitolia’ star whom Bahati has been crying about, claiming Paul has been ‘stealing’ his songs. “I thank God for all this. Glory be to His name. As I said before, I sing to glorify God and I want nothing to do with our (his and Willy Paul’s) stories. I treat him as a brother,” Bahati told MondayBlues yesterday

Phylis ngetich

Currently the youngest superstar millionaire in Kenya, it was simply a matter of time before Phyllis Ngetich a.k.a Phy’s musical career would sky rocket to great heights. Starting off in Phy and the band, she worked smart and made the right moves but as she told SDE, it wasn’t a walk in the park.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Phyllis was the first born for a longtime before her younger brother came into the picture while she was in Form 3. Her passion for music became more evident to her while at Moi Girls Eldoret. Soon after high school, she joined the Kenya Conservatoire and Sauti Academy where she nurtured her musical prowess and learnt how to play different musical instruments.

This, she admits, came in handy at the Maisha superstars’ competition as it flaunted her range of skill sets. Her brain got her a slot at the University of Nairobi for a degree in Real Estate where she stayed active in church activities at the All saints Cathedral. On one of the poetry nights when she was slotted to perform, she quickly formed “Phy and the band” whose performance was so impressive, they started getting gig referrals since then.

It was while pursuing her degree and still in the band that she got the chance to be part of the Airtel Trace stars Music competition where she became first Kenyan runner up, then joined Maisha Magic Superstar a few days later. Weeks after meeting the finest East African stars and working under their mentorship, Phy won the coveted price of 1.2 million, a music recording contract, and got to put her music on for her fans.

With her determination and resilience, it is no wonder Phylis won the Maisha Superstar grand prize which ushered yet another high in her career.