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Every man who has dated more than five women has encountered at least one dirty girlfriend. Dirty women make for unforgettable experience.

Douglas is an MA student at Kenyatta University. The 30-year-old remembers a woman he was once betrothed to.

“She was beautiful, comely and all, but I noticed that she was lazy when it came to personal hygiene. You would come across her hair everywhere in the house. When she lay on my chest, the stench from her hair would linger on or stick to the shirt,” reveals Douglas.

“Imagine the sight of a stained panty,” says Douglas in disgust. Even in the kitchen, she was slovenly. She would peel onions and………
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The De Di-on-Bouton

Celebrated author Ngugi wa Thiong’o has been pegging his public lectures on the fate of one, Maurice Gachamba, of Nyeri County, and how his ambitions of flying a plane he nicknamed Kenya One were thwarted by the powers that be in 1969.

Gachamba, who is bending his 80s, has been working on a jalopy since then. Nicknamed Uhuruto 4 the KML 122 with a canvas top, Formica interior and drum cut out exterior has its engine borrowed from a Datsun 1200. Uhuruto 4 is in its final stages of near hitting Nyeri roads, and it happens Gachamba’s creation will be the third time Kenya has tried having a homespun car since Nyayo Pioneer 1 made a mockery of motor engineering in 1990 — four years after retired president Moi dared the University of Nairobi to manufacture a car, “however ugly or slow.” The two Nyayo Pioneer cars — a saloon and a pick-up — are
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The nuns of Nakuru, is how Bahati girls were identified years back. The school was founded by the Franciscan nuns that are run with government support. Bahati Girls is located outside Nakuru and has emerged an academic giant in the Rift Valley.

Funny thing some former alumni identify one house master who couldn’t make up an insult well, and could only call them ‘Burrrshyt’ when she was very angry.

The school, being among the very few girl’s institutions in Nakuru was the cause of
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Former students of Bahati Girls

Every man has met that one woman who makes him ‘stupid in love’ or should I say lust? Yes,perhaps both. That one woman a brother spends his days chasing, explores her rich history; wonders how fascinating she is; gets confused by her aura and scent; gets turned down, but is still determined to nail her…

That one woman who is so unique in a brother’s life; she makes a brother go so weak, yet the magic which she oozes, Mr. Man cannot describe. Certain type of women are goddesses; the women we fantasize about at the risk of our own relationships, and list off as our ‘ideal’ any time of day or night whenever we are asked:

The forever young cougar

She has got commendable experience on how to tease and drive men crazy from a distance. She smells fresh. This woman probably drives a German machine, and always has packs of protection with her; she knows she can lure a brother to ‘duty’ at will. To her, wrinkles are an unheard of phenomenon, and she got membership to a gym in the suburbs.  Actually the only men who can resist her charms are those who refuse to look at a woman older than 21 years.

The virgin who dresses like a stripper

You can find this type of women in Kenyan colleges; the second semester ‘freshers’. You know very well she is
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Anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to go to a summer party with

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj need look no further than their new music video for duet Feeling Myself.

On Monday, the power divas released the footage, which is full of fun moments recorded while the 33-year-old singer and the 32-year-old rapper attended weekend one of the Coachella Music Festival in April.

Highlights from the “Feeling Myself” video: burgers, kiddie pools, squirt guns, Bey wilding out to Nicki’s best verse, the thing where you make your hair into a mustache, Nicki’s PERVERT jersey, Bey’s Chicago Bulls bikini, and more burgers

The Feeling Myself video was exclusively shared on the Jay Z-owned streaming service Tidal but has since been leaked on numerous websites.

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Harambee Stars striker, Dennis Oliech is undoubtedly one of the biggest ballers in the country and his hedonistic nature was on show recently in Dubai.

The footballer who now plies his trade in UAE Arabian Gulf League for football club Al-Nasr pulled up for an Elephant man show in a custom made Mercedes G Class that has been turned into a 6 wheeled stretch limo. He completed the look with a matching outfit.

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A hundred naturists converged Saturday on a beach in South Africa, which has become Africa’s first official nudist beach, despite objections from some locals.

A 500-metre (yard) stretch of Mpenjati Beach, which lies on the Indian Ocean, received local government approval last year to become the continent’s first official nudist venue.

“It was a fantastic day on the beach, we had lots of people on the beach, no problem whatsoever, wonderful weather, warm water, fantastic beach,” enthused Serge Pavlovic, chairman of the South African National Naturist Association (SANNA).

“We got congratulations from all over the world,” he added.

Pavlovic said earlier that planned activities during the Easter weekend would include volleyball and sack races.

South Africa has been home to unofficial nude beaches for decades, such as Cape Town’s famous Sandy Bay, but this was the first weekend of authorised naked beach sports and sunbathing.

Last-minute objections by a local group secured a compromise from officials, who have designated the opening as a “trial run”.

The residents’ group said in its appeal that naked sun-lovers would have a “negative effect on a society that is striving for wholesome lifestyles”.

However the first day of the nudist beach passed without incident.

The Hibiscus Coast local municipality approved SANNA’s application last October, thus endorsing Africa’s first official naturist beach.

It has though said that visitor facilities cannot be built as the beach is a marine protected area.

The local authorities deferred a decision on the appeal, allowing the opening to go ahead.

Naturist associations say their members adhere to a strict code of conduct which bans voyeurism and indecent conduct.

Rows of logs were placed on Mpenjati beach to set the limits of the nudist area, while signs warned that passers-by were likely to encounter nude sunbathers.

nude beach

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