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A radio presenter calls a Mr. Omollo and informs him that she knows he has been sleeping with his househelp, who has been sleeping with his son and shamba boy.

The presenter informs Mr. Omollo that the househelp is HIV positive, and you can imagine how the conversation goes. This is definitely scripted, but quite entertaining.

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A ruthless city tycoon abandoned his young lover due to what could be termed as sexual frustration. See, before embarking on their journey to a ranch somewhere at the slopes of Mt Kenya,the man was hoping for more than just holdinghands with the young lass. However, on arrival, the lady became dodgy with unending excuses not to share a mattress with the tycoon in his 70s. The man put up a calm face for the two days they were there. The lady as expected ordered the best foods on the menu. On the day of departure, the tycoon
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Police said Zachary Thomas Bailey used his authority as parole officer to allegedly twice sexually assault the woman he was supposed to be monitoring at her home in Coral Springs, Florida – twice.

The officer told the woman on his first home visit that he needed to do a study of her bedroom, reports say. He then blocked her from leaving her bedroom, put his hands down her trousers and sexually assaulted her, it is claimed. The woman protested and he left the property, but returned the next day, officers said.

This time, she claimed to have recorded their exchange on her mobile phone so police would believe her and Baily wouldn’t be able to write a false parole violation report, according to WSVN.

He asked her for a massage and when she said no, began taking off his clothes while her daughter was in the adjacent room, the police report says.

He then told her to perform oral sex and when she refused, put a condom on, pushed her on the bed and raped her, it is claimed.

Coral Springs Police Lt. Joe McCue said: “The victim said, ‘This is rape. I don’t want you to do this. “Unfortunately, she was in fear that if she reported this, he would violate her probation and put her back in jail.”

He encouraged any other women who may have been attacked by him to contact police, adding: “Don’t be afraid your probation is going to be violated. It’s very important that you come forward.”

Racist cupcakes

A French court has banned the display of “obscene” cupcakes wrought in black chocolate from a pastry shop near Nice in southeastern France, after a watchdog described them as “racist”

The “God” and “Goddess” cupcakes, which are stuffed with ganache and topped with the chocolate figures of a plump man and woman with pink lips and protruding genitalia, have been on sale in the shop in the town of Grasse for about 15 years.

A court in Nice last week ordered that they be removed from the shop’s window display, saying the cakes showed “two people of colour in grotesque and obscene attitudes” and that the pastries “violate human dignity, especially that of the African people or people of African descent”.

But the court said it had found no “malicious will” on the part of the baker and that the shop could continue making and selling the cakes.

The town’s mayor was instructed to ensure the cakes were removed from the display immediately, with a penalty of 500 euros for each day’s delay.

It also ordered the town to pay a fine of 1,000 euros to the Platform for Reflection and Action against Anti-Black Racism (CRAN), which called for the cupcakes to be banned earlier in March after a complaint from a resident.

Baker Yannick Tavolaro said he makes the cupcakes only on weekends, and often to order.

In a defamation complaint against CRAN, he insisted that there was nothing racist about the cakes and that using black chocolate was technically necessary to model the figures, which he said were cartoons.

CRAN president Louis-Georges Tin said he was “delighted” with the court ruling, adding it was a warning to the rest of France.

A father who fitted a spy camera above his 21-year-old son’s bed to watch him have sex with a girlfriend has been jailed for four years. The 53-year-old married man could hear noise coming from the couple’s bedroom and was “curious” about their sexual exploits, a court heard. He installed the spy camera in the loft above their bed and then recorded the pair having sex – even linking the video feed to a television in the kitchen so that he could watch while cooking.

A judge was told how the father’s twisted campaign of voyeurism only came to an end when his younger daughter accidentally switched to a different channel on the TV and was confronted with live images of her brother’s bed. The teenager then told the son’s girlfriend and between them they climbed into the attic and discovered the camera. They later discovered a naked screenshot of the 19-year-old girlfriend, taken from a video of her having sex with his 21-year-old son.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his children, bowed his head in shame as a judge told him he would face jail for his “appalling” crimes against his own family. It then emerged that he had sexually abused his 12-year-old daughter at their home in Faringdon, Oxon.

Judge Ian Pringle QC said: “It is an appalling abuse of trust. “A greater breach of trust is difficult to imagine. You wanted to spy on their sexual activity, curious as to what was going on and you even printed out a picture of your son’s girlfriend naked. “You say you don’t know why you committed these offences and that it gave you no real sexual gratification.”

The judge, sitting at Oxford Crown Court, was told that the middle-aged father had also conducted a campaign of sexual abuse against his 12-year-old daughter, touching her over and under her clothes.

After the hidden spy camera was discovered the youngster plucked up the courage to tell her mother, who called the NSPCC.

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Kisii guy trapped in the mortuary calls Sonko rescue team for help. Everybody needs some laughter. 

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