Posted: May 27, 2015 in Adverts, Club Life
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On Thursday 28th May 2015, Club Rumourz will host the Semi finals of the DJ extravaganza COMPETITION. Those competing are Dj Neddie, Dj Michez, Dj Brown, and Dj Jojez.

The DJ Extravaganza Competition aims to not only invigorate a new breed of DJ talent but also provide a platform for gifted DJs and producers to finally be able to showcase their skills not only in Nairobi but across the country.

“The Extravaganza is an incredible DJ initiative and competition, providing an experience and exposure money can’t buy! If you are a Dj then you should be thrilled to be a part of it because Club Rumourz has always supported new and young talent”
“This DJ Competition is an exciting opportunity for the future stars of tomorrow to make themselves heard! Welcoming fresh new talent from the other side of the world. Remember the winner gets to win a 3months contract worth over Ksh. 150,000

“No one in recent times has had the balls to put up such a good prize for a DJ competition. Club Rumourz has been at the top of their game for a long time due to the efforts of its management and the Dj Extravaganza Competition was a no brainer. This will be an amazing initiative on the long run.

If you are an upcoming DJ and did not enter this, you are an idiot!”


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