COSTLY MARK: Injera ruins Sh8.8 million camera lens as he celebrates his 200th sevens try

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Hillarious, RUGBY, SPORTS
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In a clearly prepared celebration, Injera reaches into his sock to pull out a pen and sign a ballEveryone loves a special celebration when a player reaches a particularly important landmark. But Kenyan sevens international Collins Injera (pictured) may have taken his commemoration of a try a little too far, destroying an expensive camera in the process.

Injera scored his 200th try for his country in a win over Japan at the London sevens at Twickenham, and decided to celebrate by signing a rugby ball. It was obviously a pre-planned celebration, as he pulled a marker pen from his sock, picked up a ball and wrote his name on it.

The star signs a ball at Twickenham, to commemorate the milestone score, but then got carried away

However, at that point Injera seemed to get carried away, also signing the lens of a television camera. Unfortunately, Injera didn’t seem to realise that permanent marker is not suitable for a camera lens, and he had just ruined a piece of equipment worth around £60,000 (Sh8.8 million).

According to World Rugby, ‘the cameraman was far from impressed… the lens that Injera signed (with permanent ink!) costs around £60,000’.


The try took Injera, who is third in the all-time list of scorers in the sport, to within 30 of leader Santiago Gomez Cora of Argentina. He said afterwards that he was hoping to catch Cora and become the all-time greatest – although if he does, cameramen everywhere will be worried.


While the player runs away to continue the game, the camera is left with a signature obscuring the view


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