The Reggae Fix that was….By Ghetto Radio All Starso

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Club Life
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Rockers Wednesday Reggae night by Ghetto Radio ALL STARS is a weekly concert that goes down at Johnie Bar and Lounge located in Huruma John saga area, the last edition went down yesterday. The concert began at a school-night unfriendly 8.30pm.

No matter, to the delight of an audience including Dj Foxxy of Harborage sounds, Dj Moht and the don of Reggae Sanchez, the evening involved a rum cross-section of intermingling Ghetto radio all stars and fans. On the decks was the titans Dj Musty, Selector Jnr B, Dj Alvo, plus the revered reggae’s finest King Biggy. They all hyped the night for the upcoming Easter celebrations with their emceeing prowess and cool reggae and dance hall tunes.

Wisely, the acts tapped into the feelgood factor and mostly stuck to up-tempo hits. Best came last with the diminutive Selector Junior B, who wore a tinfoil top, white cap and red trainers without entirely sacrificing his dignity and rattled the turntables through reggaefied version of “I Got You Babe,” Peter Tosh‘s fiery take on “Johnny B. Goode,” Johnny Nash‘s smooth and hopeful “I Can See Clearly Now,” Inner Circle‘s “Bad Boys,” early Bob Marley cuts, “Keep on Moving,” “Mellow Moods,” and and the ensemble finale “Sun Is Shining.”.

Before that, DJ alvo trundled through Let It Burn by chaka demus, All Night Long Shaggy and r. spice, My Boy Lollipop, 18 and over,  while King Biggy was so energetic on an evening full of joy, drinking and sumptuous grilled beef and chicken, DJ Musty out-cooled everyone by wearing his now-customary hard hat.

The bar has been raised for next week on Wednesday. See you then!


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