EastLand’s finest, a Bar and Lounge that Plays the best of Rumba and Reggae Music!

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Adverts
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Located in Huruma’s John Saga,  Johnie Bar and Lounge offers all the luxuries and style of the city with pocket friendly prices!
Entertaining Nairobi’s club-goers with various types of music, including blues, hip-hop, jazz, salsa, rock and punk, Johnie Bar and Lounge is one of the best when it comes to rumba and reggae clubs in Nairobi.
Not only does this club offer great music and drinks in the lounge, but they also offer delicious dinner food and nyam chom at their iconic restaurant. What better idea can you think of for a midweek and a weekend night out than heading to Johnie Bar and Lounge for some dinner and dancing?
Stop in on Wednesday or Friday night for an unforgettable night of live reggae entertainment (by the Ghetto radio allstars of King Biggy, Dj Musty, Selector Junior B, Dj Alvo), great drinks and delicious food.
Check out this club in Huruma, John Saga today!
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Dance all night to reggae on Wednesday and Rumba music on Fridays!
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