Posted: March 20, 2015 in Club Life
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Every reggae night is always an event whether it’s on a monday, or Sunday .

The weekly Reggae night dubbed Rockers Reggae organized by the Ghetto radio crew was launched yesterday at Johnie Bar and Lounge(Huruma) for a few different reasons, one of them being the area is Nairobi’s reggae Earthstrong, and Johnie bar and lounge known for its ambiance happens to be in the midst of all this reggae lovers.

In attendance was renowned reggae promoter and events organizer Sanchez who brought out Ghetto radio allstars King Biggy,Selector Jnr. B, DJ Alvo and the legendary Dj Musty.

The star studded event lit up Huruma’s John saga and fans could not get enough of the reggae vibes rocking back to the original 70s rub a dub. Unlike the typical reggae night show that doesn’t really get going til midnight, Rockers Reggae night-began at 6pm and ended promptly, at 6am.

With everything certain, the crowd was well-packed from jump, which was appropriate considering that it was Selector Jnr. B who started things off, followed by King Biggy, Dj Alvo then Dj Musty, fresh off their brilliant 2015 Redemption Mix. From then, it was a fast-moving assembly line of compact but impactful 15-20 minute sets of pure reggae and dance sessions.

Dj Musty and Dj Selector then did back-to-back solo sets, before joining up the dancefloor to dance to “Trenchtown Rock.” King Biggy dropped the staples “Lost My Sonia” and “18 and Older,” and teased bits of Air Supply and Beres Hammond; The best performance of the night was by Dj Alvo who drew forwards with sets that favored a more cultural material and got everybody testing his level of energy with Beenie man’s and Sean Pauls hits that got all the ladies going maaaad.

Its quite unfortunate you missed it because that was the best reggae night i had attended for years. oh! they promised to be doing this every other wednesday so catch them once again next week same place as they do their thing. see you then.

  1. Rizzie Dizzie says:

    Noma sanaaaaaa.. ……. Big up guyz


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