Hardstone bags record deal with Wiz Khalifa’s label

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Celeb Life, Music, News
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Kenyan legendary rapper Hardstone, who is based in the US, has signed with Atlantic Records, making history as the first East African to be signed with the label.

Atlantic Records is best known for its numerous recordings of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, jazz, and hip hop. It is a subsidiary of Warner Bros-Seven Arts, now the Warner Music Group, which has expanded into rock and pop music. The label also has a number of deals with previously independent labels such as Must Destroy and VP Records. Atlantic Records houses many artists of different genres like Missy Elliot, Wiz Khalifa, Aretha Franklin, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Janelle Monae, Estelle, Trey Songz and Charli XCX.

Commenting on the news, the pioneer of Kenyan music told Word Is in an email interview: “I’m very humble to be here, just came from the biggest meeting of my life which puts an important mark and an international presence in the global market… I’m just blessed to have a chance to showcase my talent and open up an eye to the international community what Kenya and East Africa as a whole got to offer.”

Hardstone also revealed that mega entertainment magazine Billboard has “been following up with my career, I have been blessed with two articles and many more international publications.”

Speaking about the Kenyan music scene, he said: “The market back home is very vibrant and much more exciting than when I left. We still need good structures but we are all in the right direction. Last but not least, I would encourage Kenyan and East Africa artistes to work together in unity and support each other. We all need one another to shape and cultivate our music industry to higher heights.”


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