KCSE 2014: Top 10 Schools Revealed

Posted: March 4, 2015 in News

The government decided that it will not be ranking schools based on their performance, denying us all the fun.

It’s always a good feeling to check up on your old high school (especially if you were in a good one), and seeing them keep the fire burning. Now, since we have no official way of finding out which schools did well, we can only rely on unofficial computations to come up with a top 10 list.

Below is what looks like a more legit list, but take it with a pinch of salt, there’s another one totally different.

1. Moi High School Kabarak – 11.358

2. Kapsabet Boys – 11.125

3. Maseno School – 10.935

4. Alliance High School – 10.853

5. Nairobi School – 10.835

6. Mang’u High School – 10.748

7. Starehe Boys Centre – 10.653

8. Maranda Boys High School – 10.452

9. Precious Blood Riruta – 10.379

10. ??

If this list is accurate, then it’s good to see Mang’u, Starehe and Nairobi School return to the top 10.

Here’s the other list that has been making rounds.

1. Alliance Boys High School-11.412

2. Maranda Boys High School-11.4101

3. Maseno School-11.369

4. Kabarak High School-11.3143

5. Chavakali Boys High School-11.3021

6. Kapsabet Boys High School-11.254

7. Precious Blood Riruta Girls School -10.9428

8. Strathmore High School-10.8524

9. Maryhill Girls High School-10.8244

10. Nairobi School-10.8194

10. Nairobi School-10.8194


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