Hollywood: This Guy Pretends He Won An Oscar And They Literally Give Him A Car

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Celeb Life, Hillarious, Lifestyle
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People spend their whole lives trying (and usually failing) to win an Oscar, which is really silly, because it’s apparently way easier to just walk around Hollywood pretending you won.

Mark David Christenson is not an Oscar winner, but he did team up with New Media Rockstars on an epic prank where he walked around Hollywood on Oscar night with a fake statuette just to see how people would treat him.

Of course Christenson didn’t keep the car, because that would be crazy. But it’s starting to seem like being an Oscar winner in Hollywood gets you ALL THE THINGS. For what it’s worth, he tells ETonline the valet was super cool about the whole thing.

Christenson opened up about the glowing experience, basically calling it a dream.

Not everyone knew what he won, but they were still excited

He got into the movies for free

Also a VIP Oscar party

Joked around with police officers

But by far the craziest thing that happened was when a valet gave him a car

“The night was crazy and super positive. New Media Rock Stars had a great crew and we ended up successfully doing everything we planned out. The valet was the last situation we had planned and it went better than expected. I was scared that I would be outed and shamed right there but in the end it worked. I was officially Oscar status and could do anything!”

Watch the night of this guy’s life unfold below.

Source: ETonline


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