YUCK! Nairobi Aviation Student Confesses Changing Her Husband’s Pampers Everyday Just To Stay Married To The 60 Year Old German Man

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Crazy
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They say love is blind but some Kenyan girls take it too far. Take this Nairobi Aviation alumni, Sisilia Wambui. The lass was allegedly inlove with an octogenarian German national suspected of defiling his niece (though the case was dropped due to lack of evidence), who used up her youth only to dump her. But this scandalous soap opera is more interesting when told by Sisilia.

Sisilia Wambui,  allegedly met her German husband Blanquette at Marikiti market where she used to sell vegetables.

“I was only 17 years old and a virgin,” she said.

So what was it about his ancient Methusellah self that endeared him to his young target?

“He was a real gentlemen and my parents loved him immediately,” she said.

Sisilia did not care that the man was (then) a septuagenarian.
She shut down her vegetable business and took her white boyfriend to her home in Kangema to meet her parents. Afterall, we all know how Nairobi girls see old lecherous white men as easy meal tickets. Allegedly!

She and her senior citizen had a shotgun wedding at the AG’s office and none of her family were present. Sound eerily familiar anyone?
The couple were then off to Dubai for their honeymoon which lasted a fortnight.

They later relocated to Afghanistan (what a romantic destination for a new couple. I hear dodging bullets is all the rage at this time of year) where they stayed for half a year before returning to Sisilia country, Kenya. Soon after, they found out she was pregnant.
Years later, Sisilia Wambui is an irate woman after her German husband allegedly physically and emotionally abused her, “kidnapped” her baby and threw her out with what she had brought to her union… NOTHING.

“Can you imagine, he even detained my dog!!” she fumed with righteous indignation.

Sisilia is now alleging that Peter Blanquette abused her even though she was the prefect wife to him.

“I changed his diapers, poured out his urine, I was so determined to make my marriage work.”

She is also fuming about the fact that he demanded she get intouch with her inner freak.

Just to make him happy I learned to use sex toys, did strip shows for him  in stilettos and even gave him a threesomes with my close friend.” Sisilia said.

I envy the man to be honest! Where can I get such a gullible girl? My own girlfriend had a conniption because she heard me sing along to Kanye West’s Bound 2… You know the part where he asks, “Have you ever asked your B for other Bs?”

“When I grew tired and started complaining, he started bringing prostitutes to our house. One day he asked me to get a boob job and also enlarge my butt, I refused flatly! And that is the day things went from bad to worse.”

Sisilia Wambui was thrown out when her incontinent husband found another girlfriend.

SOURCE: MPasho News


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