Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse a Crowd That Gathered to See a Cheating Wife and Lover Who Got Stuck

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Crazy

So apparently South African police had to disperse a huge crowd that gathered to see a cheating wife and her lover who got stuck during sex.
It’s alleged that 34-year-old Sasha Ngema had been having an affair with 22-year-old Sol Qoboza at a rented apartment in Johannesburg when the husband was away, and that’s why he asked a witch doctor to put a curse on her wife’s private parts. Really?

When things got serious, the two began calling for help that only attracted a crowd of 2,000 people shouting “We want to see them! Show us the cheaters!”.

The police later arrived to disperse the crowd that had gathered by the apartment using teargas. Sasha and Sol were later taken to hospital, but a black magic specialist Sangoma Mathabo Mofokeng: said: “No one will be able to separate them until the woman’s husband comes back.

Source The Mirror


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