Couple’s shock as DNA test shows bodies not their sons #KOTNewsAt9

Posted: February 20, 2015 in News

A couple is demanding answers from Pumwani Hospital over the whereabouts of their twins after DNA tests on the bodies of two babies showed that there was no genetic relationship between them and the alleged parents.

Mr Dedan Kimathi’s wife Jacinta Wanjiku Gathua gave birth to twins at Pumwani Hospital on January 6, but doctors there told her that the babies had died 12 hours before they were born.

However, Mrs Wanjiku has always insisted that the babies were alive when she gave birth and that she even heard one of them cry. The doctors later gave her two bodies, insisting they were her stillborn twins.

However, a DNA test has shown that the dead babies were neither twins nor were they in any way biologically related to Mrs Wanjiku, 24, and Mr Kimathi.


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