PHOTOS- Huddah Tables Logbook To Prove She Owns The Range Rover

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Celeb Life, Lifestyle
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Huddah Monroe ended the past year on a high after acquiring herself the expensive and an executive Range Rover to rove the streets of Nairobi with. However, rumors surfaced claiming that the car did not belong to her but a Ugandan tycoon named King Lawrence.


Proving the rumors untrue, Huddah tabled evidence to prove that car is legally and solely owned by her. Through her instagram, here is the log-book documentation Thee Boss Lady posted to prove bloggers wrong.

..with the caption

I don’t like to prove anything to bastards but , I don’t rent or borrow cars! I hustle too hard to be living on a budget! Somebody tell these bloggers to go and get the final search at KRA , Bitches! #CozYouAreBrokeDontMeanEveryoneIs #PutSomeKYjellyOnYourLives

Huddah's log book


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