Mugabe’s 91st birthday bash to cost Sh91m #KOTNewsAt9

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Lifestyle, News
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Robert Mugabe during his inauguration in Harare on August 22, 2013. FILE PHOTO | ALEXANDER JOE

Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu PF party is planning to spend $1 million (Ksh91m) on President Robert Mugabe’s 91st birthday bash later this month.

President Mugabe, in power since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, turns 91 on February 21.

The anniversary is usually celebrated lavishly by the communist styled February 21st Movement and the economic hardships that the majority of Zimbabweans face have done little to dampen the mood.

A Zanu PF official Tongai Kasukuwere yesterday told New that they had raised 60 per cent of the money needed for the bash to be held in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

“We have sourced more than half of what we want and more companies and individuals are promising to contribute in the near future,” Mr Kasukuwere was quoted saying.

“We are looking at a sizeable figure which is befitting the magnitude of the person whose birthday we are celebrating. To us as Zanu PF youths, this is a moment to celebrate his achievements and greatness and celebrate what he has done for Africa and the world as a whole.”

Zimbabwe has been struggling to pay civil servants since the veteran ruler won a controversial election in 2013, with the economy continuing to take a severe knock.

Last year, Zanu PF said it had spent $1 million on President Mugabe’s 90th birthday bash.

The money was raised from donations from individuals and companies.


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