Man Films Himself Being Eaten By Anaconda Explains Why He Did It!

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

By BuzzWork

The daredevil naturalist, Paul Rosolie, who allowed himself to be eaten alive, or rather swallowed, by a huge anaconda so he could be able to film INSIDE the creature.

For the stunt,  a special suit has been built to let a 25-foot 400-pound snake eat him in a dangerous performance set to air on Discovery Channel. Overall, Rosolie was so confident in the suit’s design that he was more worried about the snake’s safety than his own. The act itself triggered a backlash from animal rights activists who believe the anaconda is actually being tortured for this stunt but Roslolie, who knows the animal very well and has been studying it for years, says that the snake was unharmed and that the experiment was designed to raise money to save the animal’s habitat.

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