Kenyans react to the jailing of 25-year old Allan Wadi for insulting President Uhuru on social media

Posted: January 3, 2015 in News
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When 25-year old university student Allan Wadi was yesterday sentenced to two years in prison for spreading hate messages against President Uhuru on social media, the reaction from #KOT was swift.

The hashtag #AlanWadiJAILED started making rounds on social media with reactions from users largely varied. While some were livid about the manner with which the court proceedings were carried out, others lauded the verdict while some remained impassive.

Here are some of the reactions from social media users

@RobertAlai: We are creating two justice systems in Kenya. One if for supporters of the regime and one for OTHERS. #AllanWadiJAILED

@Maxonairo: A mere college kid jailed while people like Moses Kuria are roaming freely on the streets? Mnyonge kweli hana haki. #AllanWadiJAILED

@ManuelOdeny: #AllanWadiJAILED…. We need a probono lawyer, Wadi should be in college and not prison

@jbboyjumaboy: Kenyan court should stop applying double standards depending on the status in society. #AllanWadiJAILED

@SirVanGaal: Fair trial does not mean that one is innocent.We only demand for fair trial which is a right under the constitution.. #AllanWadiJailed

@dnkay: the only unfair thing about ruling is that past similar offenders have not faced the same.What is judicial precedence? #AllanWadiJailed

@WinnieTrinn: We need some order online! Jail all of them from Kuria, Alai wadi, Mugo #AllanWadiJAILED @totoeddie: Do you think you can insult your king and just walk away??? that’s so rude #AllanWadiJAILED @KinotiMK: Making threats against the president’s life is a crime, regardless of whether it’s done on paper or on Twitter #AllanWadiJAILED

@Solskjaer_lad: #AllanWadiJAILED this is what you get for posting stupid posts on the Internet… Serves him right.

@RobertAlai: I might not support whatever you supposedly did wrong but I support your right to a FAIR open trial. #AllanWadiJAILED @Ksnaves: If I were the president. Counselling this Truant son was worth as Father instead of jailing him. #AllanWadiJAILED


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