Dj Creme De la Creme Vs Dj Bobby; #ChristmasEveParty

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Club Life
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When the fast rising Dj Bobby and ‘showbiz main man’ DJ Crème de la Crème heat up the decks, needless to say that something will surely melt. This is the ultimate Club Rumourz decks rumble for the #ChristmasEveParty on the Wednesday of 24th December 2014. Combining skill and physical charm, the sensational DJ Bobby would easily make the crowd go wild but when Dj creme de la creme come into the picture the story takes a different dimension.IMG-20141221-WA0014

During this particular show which starts at 5pm, the first one or two hours his mentor Crème de la Crème will be watching on the side, warming up for his set. Creme de la creme is the show stopper but Dj Bobby will no doubt want to steal his thunder. He is Club Rumourz’ resident Dj and definitely their King of the decks after-all.

The thing is both Crème and Dj Bobby got mad skills as DJs and Bobby respects the fact that he learns a lot from Creme. But he thinks he has a better connection and chemistry with his fans(Club Rumourz loyalists).

Crème has been in the industry for quite a while now and has ascended to continental fame as a Channel O DJ (together with DJ Joe Mfalme). Crème has exceptional skills in House music. Dj Bobby’s strength lies in dance hall mixing. The two can be really versatile with hip-hop and local tunes combining as their other two strengths. Besides, their fans are so loyal that they would almost kill to have their preferred candidate keep spinning the whole night.


Creme is that guy who could teach Dj Bobby almost everything about the decks and it would still look brand new to him, Creme has this joke that Unless it’s a dancing contest or something like rapping, Dj Bobby ain’t got a thing to show yet.

So who will thrill on this #ChristmasEveParty?? Who knows your guess can be as wrong as mine. Join me in this exciting experience and lets judge them tonight at Club Rumourz….

see you then!


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