“Why I Miss Being a Born-Again Christian.” (Jessica Misener, BuzzFeed, May 2014)

Posted: December 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

“Even though I staked my life on an arbitrary historical document for six years, I liked who I was when I was born-again. I woke up each day determined to conquer my “sinful nature,” i.e., my id that was prone to thinking only about myself, and determined to put others first. I was more selfless. I was a more caring and giving friend back then; I listened deeply, instead of waiting for my turn to talk. bethelI prayed for people and made care packages and wrote nice letters and volunteered. With a divine outlet compelling me to focus on something besides self-preservation, I felt free from the prison of ego.

Which isn’t to say that I can’t do any of these things now. Today I can go to beautiful and inspiring concerts instead of worship service. I can join a weekly book club instead of Bible study to find community. I can still volunteer at the same homeless shelters and make the same damn care packages. I want, desperately and intellectually, to believe that you can feel those selfless feelings and be this others-focused person in secular minds and realms.”


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